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Certain individuals keep telling me that I should be a writer (Hi Mom). This is probably as close as I'll ever come to making that happen.

Crying Fowl

Category: By Foo

This morning, at the end of this week's obligatory commute to the office, I turned in to the driveway and was accosted by the biggest honkin'* goose I've ever seen. He (or she) stood right in the middle of the lane, leaving me no room to squeeze by on either side. I inched forward, trying to intimidate him (or her) – “it”, for the sake of grammatical convenience – but like Inigo Montoya who came before, it would not be moved. It just stood there with its bill thrust defiantly across my hood, honking “None shall pass!”

I'd probably be stuck there still, but a vee of its buddies came flying over, and it lit off to join them.

* I could say “no pun intended”, but really… whom would I be kidding?